Self Service Audience Targeting: Maximising Ad Campaign Performance

In the realm of programmatic advertising, self service audience targeting plays a pivotal role in achieving optimal ad campaign performance. With ad:personam’s Self Serve DSP software, businesses can leverage the advantages of self-service audience targeting to elevate their marketing efforts. This article delves into the audience targeting solutions offered by ad:personam, including the innovative Audience Smart Template. Discover how these tools enable precise audience targeting and unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising.

The Power of Third-Party Audience Segments:

Before diving into ad:personam’s audience targeting solutions, it’s important to highlight the advantages of utilising third-party audience segments. While first-party data, generated from visits and actions on a company’s own website, has its merits for retargeting purposes, it may have limitations when it comes to reaching a broader audience. This is where third-party audiences step in, offering a range of benefits for businesses.

Broad Audience Scope and Scalability:

Third-party partners have established relationships with data providers that advertisers may not have access to directly. This enables businesses to increase their overall audience scope and gain access to transactional data and other valuable data points. By leveraging third-party audience segments, businesses can tap into a vast pool of users who match their desired targeting criteria, expanding their reach and increasing the chances of reaching potential customers.

Introducing New Users and Increasing Awareness:

One of the primary goals of any ad campaign is to introduce new users to a product or service and raise awareness. Third-party audiences are a powerful tool in achieving this objective. By targeting users who may not have found the business organically, businesses can capture the attention of net new users and pique their interest. This initial exposure helps to create brand awareness and lays the foundation for further engagement down the funnel.

ad:personam provides a range of audience targeting options. Learn how to use our self serve DSP to reach your audience with efficiency

Leveraging ad:personam’s Self Service Audience Targeting Solutions:

ad:personam stands out with its comprehensive suite of audience targeting options, empowering businesses to effectively reach their desired audience. As an integrated platform with Microsoft Invest DSP (formerly Xandr), ad:personam provides access to an extensive catalogue of data providers.

ad:personam offers a carefully selection of these segments covering multiple categories and geo. Indeed, ad:personam offers a carefully curated selection of easy-to-access segments across various categories, including specialised geo-targeting options. While some segments have specific applications in certain regions, most of them can be utilised globally, allowing businesses to expand their reach effectively across major countries.

The highlight of ad:personam’s targeting capabilities is the Audience Smart Template, which seamlessly integrates data from leading providers like :

and others. This integration allows advertisers to achieve unmatched precision in audience targeting based on demographics, interests, and valuable B2B attributes. By tapping into this level of granularity, ad:personam ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant users. This significantly increase the likelihood of capturing their interest and driving conversions.

With ad:personam’s integration and its extensive catalogue of data providers, businesses can confidently optimise their audience targeting strategies. By leveraging the available segments, including the emphasis on geo-targeting, advertisers can effectively tailor their ad campaigns with utmost precision. The result is enhanced ad performance, improved engagement, and increased conversions.

Enhancing Ad Campaign Performance:

By leveraging ad:personam’s audience targeting solutions, businesses can supercharge their ad campaigns’ performance. Rather than employing broad targeting strategies, ad:personam enables advertisers to focus their efforts on specific audience segments aligned with their products or services.

For instance, consider a small business specialising in outdoor adventure gear. With ad:personam’s self service audience targeting, they can precisely reach outdoor enthusiasts who are actively interested in their products. By leveraging the Interest-Based targeting option, this business can specifically target users who have displayed a keen interest in activities like hiking, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Such targeted precision ensures that ads are seen by individuals with a genuine interest, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Another practical example involves an agency providing marketing services to small businesses. By utilising ad:personam’s B2B targeting capabilities, this agency can effectively reach decision-makers across various industries. By selecting segments like

B2B – Business Professional or B2B – Communications

the agency can tailor their ad campaigns to resonate with professionals seeking marketing solutions. This targeted approach not only increases the likelihood of acquiring new clients but also positions the agency as an expert in their field.

Getting Started with ad:personam: Incorporating Self Service Audience Targeting

Incorporating self service audience targeting into ad campaigns with ad:personam is a seamless process. Businesses can take full control of their targeting strategy and optimise it for maximum impact using the user-friendly platform. By identifying their buyer personas and aligning them with available targeting options, such as age, gender, job title, and specific interests, businesses can effectively reach their desired audience.

Leveraging ad:personam for Recruitment Companies: Targeting Job Seekers and Professionals

To demonstrate the practical usage of ad:personam’s audience targeting solutions, let’s focus on recruitment companies aiming to connect with their desired audience. These companies can leverage ad:personam’s robust targeting options to effectively engage job seekers and professionals interested in new career opportunities. By utilising the available targeting features, recruitment companies can tailor their ad campaigns and drive conversions from their desired audience.

Enhancing Precision with Interest-Based Targeting

Imagine a recruitment company specialising in connecting recent graduates with entry-level job opportunities. With ad:personam’s audience targeting solutions, this company can precisely target individuals within specific education levels and employment statuses. By utilising segments like

Education – Student – Bachelors / Undergraduate / College and Employment Status – Job Seekers

the recruitment company ensures that their ads reach recent graduates actively seeking employment. This focused approach enables them to showcase relevant job opportunities and attract qualified candidates.

To further refine their targeting, the recruitment company can utilise ad:personam’s Interest – Job Seekers segment. By narrowing down their audience to users who have demonstrated explicit interest in job seeking, the company delivers highly relevant ads. This combination of education, employment status, and specific interest targeting optimises their ad campaigns, maximising engagement and conversions.

Self Service Audience Targeting Options for Recruitment Needs

ad:personam offers a range of targeting segments beyond education and employment status to suit various recruitment needs. Recruitment companies can leverage segments like :

Education – Student – High School, Education Level – Graduate – Masters / Postgraduate Degree, and Employment Status – Employed.

By tailoring their targeting strategy based on these segments, recruitment companies effectively reach professionals at different career stages and connect them with suitable job opportunities.

Through ad:personam’s audience targeting solutions, recruitment companies gain the ability to precisely identify and engage their desired audience. By combining segments related to education, employment status, and specific interests, these companies can optimise their ad campaigns to increase the likelihood of attracting qualified candidates and achieving their recruitment goals.


ad:personam’s self service audience targeting solutions unlock the power of precise targeting for businesses seeking exceptional ad campaign performance. By leveraging the Audience Smart Template and integrating with third-party providers, businesses can reach the right users at the right time with highly relevant ads. This results in enhanced ad performance, improved engagement, and increased conversions.

With ad:personam’s audience targeting capabilities, businesses can optimise their ad campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience. By employing practical examples and utilising ad:personam’s targeting options, businesses can maximise their programmatic advertising efforts and achieve exceptional results.

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