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Data Technology

Simple, powerful
and affordable
programmatic advertising

ad:personam levels the playing field by giving advertisers of all sizes access to easy, powerful, and affordable tools and for launching and managing their own programmatic ad campaigns

Delivering the power of programmatic advertising to advertisers of all sizes.

It’s never been easier to start with programmatic advertising

ad:personam can help your business cost-effectively execute and deliver targeted programmatic campaigns across display, native, video and audio.



Connected TV can take your brand to new heights by offering a full-screen advertising experience that’s consistently delivered and highly measurable. Combine programmatic efficiency and scale with the the unique opportunity to expand your brand’s presence beyond desktop and mobile screens.



Use contextual targeting to make sure your audience sees the right advert at the right time. With ad:personam you can target based on relevance of content, site category, keywords and even weather. This will help you to get maximum engagement from your advertising campaigns.



ad:personam provides a broad selection of target groups like demographic and sociographic, or interest and B2B from the most relevant 3rd party providers. We’ll help you to find the right audience for your campaign. Make use of our network of 3rd party providers for high-quality audiences.



ad:personam all-in-one, creative management tool powered by Xandr DSP. Whether it's a HTML5 file, display banner, Native ads or Video and Audio creatives, we handle everything with ease so you don't have to manage multiple ad serving platforms



Remarketing helps you reach more potential customers and increase conversion rate. By targeting people who've already visited your site, you can show them ads that are relevant and interesting. This increases the chances that they'll be interested in what you have to offer and convert into customers.



Weather conditions can have a big impact on consumers’ online activity and your business. Serve macro-level ad experiences based on weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed and precipitation and ensure higher clickthrough rates.

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Featuring integrated complete inventory access via the Xandr DSP, ad:personam gives you one-touch access to all inventory & data marketplace worldwide


Easily build new, targeted programmatic campaigns.

ad:personam will let you implement and execute new campaigns without the need of sifting through complex settings. Use our templates to easily build out and implement new targeted ad campaigns that are sure to increase your ROI.

What is your marketing objective?



Snippets is a fast and easy-to-use service that allows you to upload images, video audio creatives or build your own native ad. Create your conversions pixels, remarketing audience and manage domains list with no hassle!


Hosted Creative

Whether it's a display banner, native ad or video and audio creatives, no need to manage expensive ad serving platforms. Leverage the same advanced technology used by some of the world's largest agencies powered by Xandr DSP.


Universal Pixel

A single pixel to automatically organize your first party data into custom audiences. Segment your users based on the action taken, and narrow down to those taking specific actions that are high value for your business.


Domain List

Domain List gives you more flexibility than ever to decide which sites are right for your ads, helping you increase relevancy and reduce wasted spend and choose to allow or deny your ads from appearing on specific websites.


Premium Support

Knowledgeable and prompt technical support for all our products to help you master every detail. Visit our wiki. and get immediate access to a comprehensive Knowledge Base with how-to guides, tutorials, FAQs, best practices, tips, tricks and more.

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Smart Templates

Smart Templates are predefined smart advertising templates that make it easy to setup and run a campaign. Simply pick the template you prefer and follow the setup instructions. Once your campaign you can optimise your campaign on the fly with just a few clicks. Pause or re-start your ads at any time with one click.



Receive access to our network of 3rd party providers of high-quality audience segments made available by ad:personam's integration with Xandr DSP. Reach high quality audiences for your targeted campaigns.


Brand Safety

ad:personam is designed to help you control the quality of the inventory that you are targeting, prevent brand safety issues on your ads and protect your reputation by making sure that your ad does not appear next to inappropriate websites.



A powerful suite of algorithms that help you maximise your performance. Boost every step of your outreach, from building awareness & consideration (CPC, CTR, CPCV) to driving action & remarketing (CPA). Optimise your budgets with intelligent insights.


Device  & Supply

Target all or specific device types such as Desktop, Mobile & Tablets. Run your campaigns on standard websites and mobile web or in apps on mobile tablets and phones.


Geo Targeting

Target your ads to specific regions and countries. With geo-targeting, you can deliver relevant ads to users who are interested in your products and services.



Target users based on the time when they see impressions. Frequency prevents overexposure by limiting how often a user is shown your ad per day and lifetime.



A powerful tool to set the viewability target on your ads. By setting a viewability target, you can get more engaged with users and increase the rate of viewed ads. 


Data Studio Dashboards

The more insights you have, the smarter your marketing becomes. ad:personam Data Studio dashboards helps you analyze your data by displaying your information in charts and graphs, allowing you to optimize campaigns and track which ads are performing well and influencing positive action.

Easy Payments

Pay for your campaigns securely with Stripe, one of the world's leading payment processors. ad:personam offers you a variety of payment options to choose from including credit cards, bank transfers and more. Automated refunds for underdelivery and manage your subscriptions anytime with just one click.


Whether you are a marketer or media agency, our technological solution is simple yet revolutionary as it streamlines operational costs and enables even the non-technical to build complex campaigns.

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