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Frequently asked questions

How can I try for free?

When signing up you have unlimited access to the Advertiser Setup meaning you can create unlimited Advertisers, upload your creatives (banner and native ads) and set up your Universal pixel and conversion tracking. You can start your subscription once you’re ready to set up your campaigns.

Does the subscription fee include the media cost?

The fee includes access to the software and the plan’s features including bidding algorithms / optimization techniques, 3rd and 1st party data integrations, tagging and attribution functionality, and media delivery reporting. The media cost is not included in your plan and will be paid separately only once you’re ready to launch your campaign.

What is included in the media cost?

The media cost includes the cost of the impressions delivered based on eCPM (Cost per thousand impressions) or rather the buying method under which ad:personam will dynamically place bids to buy inventory based on your set max Average eCPM. It also includes the cost of 3rd party data segments used for identifying and targeting specific types of users or devices and the technology that allows ad:personam to block ad delivery based on a set of inventory quality signals, which could include brand safety, and fraud.

Is there any minimum budget for my campaigns or commitments?

No, you can set up your campaigns with any budget sizes. ad:personam offers a recurring monthly subscription access that can be cancelled any time at no cost. If you have running campaigns and wish to cancel the subscription, the campaigns will run until the set end dates unless you pause it.

What if my campaign does not spend the whole budget?

If the actual delivered budget at the end of the flight for any Campaign falls below the prepaid budget you will receive a refund for the under-delivery equal to the difference between the prepayment and the cost of the delivered portion of the campaign. The same applies if you decide to pause the campaign for any reason for more than 14 days.

Can I optimise my campaign?

ad:personam leverages powerful algorithms to optimise your campaign without the need of further changes of the settings. Smart Templates are designed in a way that your Campaign’s budget is focused only on your selected targeting parameters thus reducing wastage.