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Simple, powerful and affordable Self Serve DSP for Web Agencies and Small Businesses

Grow your business at your own pace with ad:personam Programmatic Advertising Self Serve DSP. No minimum ad spend required.

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Programmatic Advertising Solutions

Discover the Power of Self Serve DSP Advertising with ad:personam

ad:personam makes it easy for businesses of any size to enter the programmatic advertising space and achieve their advertising goals

Self Serve DSP Software Platform

Create, manage, and optimize your programmatic advertising campaigns with ease. ad:personam Self Serve DSP offers a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to set up campaigns in just a few clicks.

No Minimums Spend Required

Unlike other platforms ad:personam doesn't require a minimum campaign budget, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses with limited budgets or experience. Scale up on your own terms without breaking the bank.

Programmatic Advertising Solutions

Reach your target audience on a wide range of ad exchanges, inventory sources, and data providers. ad:personam's targeting capabilities ensure that your ads are reaching the right people, wherever they are.

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NO CODE Programmatic

We Make Programmatic Advertising Easy

With our Self Serve DSP, you can take full control of your campaigns in real-time and precisely target your desired audience. Regardless of whether you are a marketer, freelancer, or media agency, our user-friendly programmatic advertising software is designed to simplify the complex process of creating and launching campaigns, without requiring technical expertise
The Ultimate Self Serve Solution for Programmatic advertising

Simplify Your Programmatic Advertising Buying

ad:personam offers a comprehensive suite of programmatic buying solutions to help advertisers effectively reach their desired audience. With our self serve DSP platform, you can access a wide range of targeting options to tailor your campaigns according to your specific needs.
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Premium Inventory and Precision Targeting

The best Self Serve DSP that can buy on Xandr DSP

Access to global inventory and 3rd party data providers on the open internet across display, video, audio and CTVs. Connected to all major supply-side platforms, ad:personam opens you the doors to top-tier publishers, premium sites and high-quality audiences

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)?​

A Demand Side Platform (DSP) is a platform that allows advertisers to buy advertising space programmatically. Accordingly, it enables you to bid on ad inventory in real-time and target specific audiences based on various factors, including location, demographics, interests, and more.

How does ad:personam Self Serve DSP work?

ad:personam is a self-service DSP that allows you to create, manage, and optimize your programmatic advertising campaigns in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Additionally, it is built on top of Xandr DSP API and employs advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help you target the right audience and make real-time bidding decisions based on your specific goals and budget.​

Is ad:personam suitable for small businesses and agencies?​

Although ad:personam is specifically designed for small businesses and agencies who want to take control of their programmatic advertising campaigns, it is also suitable for larger businesses that require flexibility and transparency in their advertising. With our transparent pricing model and easy-to-use interface, you can get started with programmatic advertising even if you have limited resources or technical expertise.

Is there a minimum campaign budget required for ad:personam?

Contrary to other programmatic advertising platforms, ad:personam does not require a minimum campaign budget. Thus, you only have to pay the campaign media cost and the monthly subscription fee, making it an affordable and flexible option for small businesses and agencies.

What kind of support do you offer for your products?

We are committed to providing excellent customer support to all of our users. We offer knowledgeable and prompt technical support for all our products to help you master every detail.In addition, we have a comprehensive Knowledge Base with how-to guides, tutorials, FAQs and best practices. For further assistance, you can chat with us to request a custom setup for pixels and 3rd party ad tags. Our goal is to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed with your advertising campaigns.

Do you offer API integration?

In the case of ad:personam, the software is already integrated with Xandr Invest DSP through API. This means that users can access the programmatic advertising platform without the need for additional API integration. However, it’s important to note that this integration requires a DSP seat, which provides access to Xandr Invest’s programmatic advertising platform. However, it’s important to note that this integration requires a DSP seat, which provides access to Xandr Invest’s DSP. Therefore, while ad:personam doesn’t offer API integration, users could eventually connect the software to their existing Xandr Invest seat.

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