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Contextual Targeting for Effective Programmatic Advertising 

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integrated access to Contextual Segments via the Xandr DSP, ad:personam gives you one-touch access to all the content topics


Contextual Advertising Solutions

Show your ads on the right websites at the right time using contextual targeting.

With contextual advertising, you don’t have to rely on cookies to determine how relevant your messages are; instead, what matters is the context in which your ads appear.


NO CODE Programmatic

Whether you are a marketer or media agency, our platform delivers the relevant user with the right ad at just the right moment while offering 100% transparency. Our technological solution is simple yet revolutionary as it streamlines operational costs and enables even the non-technical to build complex campaigns.


Premium Inventory

Featuring integrated complete inventory access via the Xandr DSP, ad:personam gives you one-touch access to all inventory worldwide. Access premium inventory across display, video, and audio and open the door to reach top-tier publishers, premium sites, mobile app.


Total Control

Grow your business for less with ad:personam; an easy-to-use, flexible SaaS model that gets you the global reach and performance of a DSP without the upfront costs.
With no minimum spend requirements or hidden fees, paying only a a simple flat monthly fee & your campaigns' media costs.

Powerful tools

Everything you need to reach everyone with ease

With ad:personam's programmatic advertising software and targeting management functionality, you have real-time control over all elements of your campaign including brand safety, optimisation, domains lists and CPM bid.

Hosted Creative

Whether it's a display banner, native ad or video and audio creatives, no need to manage expensive ad serving platforms. Leverage the same advanced technology used by some of the world's largest agencies powered by Xandr DSP.

Universal Pixel

A single pixel to automatically organize your first party data into custom audiences. Segment your users based on the action taken, and narrow down to those taking specific actions that are high value for your business.

Premium Support

Knowledgeable and prompt technical support for all our products to help you master every detail. Visit our wiki. and get immediate access to a comprehensive Knowledge Base with how-to guides, tutorials, FAQs, best practices, tips, tricks and more.


Get insights at your fingertips. Analyze your data with charts and graphs that display the precise information that is important to you. Your dashboards will allow you to optimize your campaigns and track results in real time.

Device  & Supply

Target all or specific device types such as Desktop, Mobile & Tablets. Run your campaigns on standard websites and mobile web or in apps on mobile tablets and phones.

Geo Targeting

Target your ads to specific regions and countries. With geo-targeting, you can deliver relevant ads to users who are interested in your products and services.


Target users based on the time when they see impressions. Frequency prevents overexposure by limiting how often a user is shown your ad per day and lifetime.


A powerful tool to set the viewability target on your ads. By setting a viewability target, you can get more engaged with users and increase the rate of viewed ads. 


Get set up in moments.

We bring you the best of automated advertising, with the flexibility and ease of use you need to grow your business at your own pace. Without minimums and hidden fees.

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