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Snippets' self-service platform allows you to upload your creatives, set up your universal pixel, segment your remarketing audiences and manage your domain lists. No long-term commitment. And no more waiting for a sales rep to get back to you with a quote.

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Make your brand stand out in the world of online advertising

You have creative freedom to express your brand using different types of creatives with ads that match the ad experience you want to create. Whether it's a display banner, native ad or video and audio creatives you decide what works best for your brand. ad:personam gives you the power to execute creative without limitations. Craft your own unique ad experience and select the most effective one for each targeted audience.


A single pixel to automatically organize your first party data into custom audiences


Universal Pixel enables businesses to create and manage dynamic remarketing audiences and track customer actions on their website. Segment your users based on the action taken, and narrow down to those taking specific actions that are high value for your business. The result: Universal pixel empowers you to reach the right people with messaging that is relevant while increasing your website’s conversion rate.


The only tool you need to create and manage domain lists

A new, easy way to manage your campaign lists of domains - for increased efficiency and simplicity. 
Create and manage your domain lists while maintaining control over your campaign criteria. 
Upload lists from external sources, create bulk updates of both site and app exclusion lists, build campaigns that exclude all domains on an exclusion list automatically and manage your ads more effectively through the use of exclusion lists, and more. 

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Create Remarketing Lists based on people who've previously interacted with your website.

Hosted Creative

Rest assured your ads will always display through our full-service ad server powered by Xandr's advanced technology

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