Easily build new, targeted ad campaigns with our Smart Templates.

Focus your spending to target only the settings where you expect your advertising to be effective. Use Smart templates to easily build out and implement new targeted ad campaigns that are sure to increase your ROI.

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Reach users with a higher propensity to buy, based on the content of Web pages.

Contextual Template is a targeting option through which you can target individual web pages or entire categories. This particular audience allows you to reach website visitors who have a certain profile – for example, those who are interested in a specific topic.


Target users that will be most interested in your product or service 

ad:personam provide a broad selection of target groups like demographic, sociographic, interest, intent or B2B from the most relevant 3rd party providers. Users are grouped to segment audiences based on Web browsing behaviour data. 

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The ​fastest way to convert lost site visitors into new customers.

Re-engage with your site visitors with display advertising that may help them find out more about you. Retargeting gives you the opportunity to position your products and services directly in front of consumers who have visited your site previously.


Use macro targeting templates to reach users based on weather conditions.

Refine your campaign experience by serving macro-level ad experiences based on weather conditions including temperature, wind speed and precipitation. Create campaigns that serve creatives to target audiences whose weather conditions match the concept of your creative.

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Engage with your audience with audio or video creatives.

Promote your product with 15,30,60s video or audio across all the devices and Premium Inventory such as Spotify, CNN and many more. Target Video Inventory by Context (pre-roll, mid-roll and outstream) and optimise to CPCV (Cost per Completed View).

integrated with premium Data Provider Partners to quickly access a wide range of high-quality data sets.


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Brand Safety 

ad:personam applies by default brand safety segments to help apply additional quality controls to the inventory that you are targeting and will only deliver on inventory on the open exchange that is authorized in a publisher's ads.txt file.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting helps you target your ads to people located in specific locations. Use the Regions list for more granular targeting than countries. 

Custom Domains List

Choose to allow or deny your ads from appearing on specific websites or apps. Upload a Domains List to ensure your ads appear on websites or apps that are in-line with your brand or business objective.  

Device  & Supply Type

Target all or specific device types such as Desktop, Mobile & Tablets. Run your campaigns on standard websites and those optimized for browsers on mobile devices or in apps installed on mobile tablets and phones.


Powerful algorithms to help achieve better performance. ad:personam automatically manages pacing, creative optimisation, inventory discovery, bidding, and other tasks that software has the ability to do better than humans.

Day Part & Frequency

Target users based on the time when they see impressions. Frequency prevents overexposure by limiting how often a user is shown your ad per day and lifetime. 

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