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ad:personam Self Serve DSP for retargeting display ads
Retargeting Display Ads Solutions

Recapture Lost Leads Through the Value of Remarketing

Make the most of every interaction by reconnecting with potential customers, turning them from one-time visitors into loyal consumers

Data-Driven Advertising

What is Retargeting Display Ads

Remarketing display ads, within the realm of programmatic advertising, provide a powerful tool for reconnecting with users who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app. Essentially, when users visit your site or app, a cookie is placed on their device. This cookie allows your display ads to reach these users around the internet, appearing on various sites they browse. The aim of this is to remind them of their interest in your products or services, encouraging them to return to your site and complete a purchase or another desired action. By utilizing programmatic technology, the process of buying and placing these ads is automated and optimized, ensuring your message reaches the right users at the right time. This approach improves efficiency, enhances ad relevance, and ultimately boosts conversion rates, making remarketing display ads a valuable part of your digital advertising strategy

Self Serve DSP for retargeting display ads

Benefits of Retargeting Display Ads

Driving Higher Conversions, Enhancing Brand Recall, and Maximizing ROI with Targeted and Cost-Effective Remarketing

Greater Engagement

Retargeting display ads can lead to greater engagement. Personalized ads based on a user's previous interactions with your brand are more likely to capture their attention and prompt interaction.


Remarketing can be a cost-effective strategy as it focuses on users who have already expressed an interest in your product or service. This targeted approach can result in a higher return on ad spend.

Enhanced Brand Recall

Remarketing helps to keep your brand at the forefront of a user's mind. By continually showing your display ads to previous site visitors, you can reinforce brand awareness and recall.

Increased Conversion Rates

Retargeting display ads often result in higher conversion rates over time. Users who see these ads are already familiar with your brand, and repeated exposure can encourage them to complete a purchase or other desired action.

Enhance Your Ad Efficacy and Revenue Using ad:personam's Retargeting Display Ads

Leverage the Magic of Customized Communication for Better User Engagement and Higher Conversions

smart template


With ad:personam's Smart template feature, creating and executing effective retargeting campaigns has never been easier. This feature has been designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, providing you with a seamless experience when crafting your retargeting campaigns. By using the Smart template, you can swiftly set the targeting criteria to fit your unique needs. One of the most powerful aspects of this feature is its ability to build remarketing audiences based on URL parameters. This functionality enables you to precisely define and target users who have interacted with specific elements of your website, thereby increasing the relevance of your ads. By effectively targeting users who have already shown an interest in your brand, the Smart template feature amplifies your chances of driving conversions and boosting campaign performance.

display advertising platform for retargeting display ads

Mastering Retargeting: Advanced Features for Strategic Display Ads

Enhancing Retargeting Efficiency with ad:personam's Self Serve DSP: Expertly Managed Ad Exposure, Streamlined Data Segmentation, and Personalized Creative Execution

Creative Ads Management

Choosing the right creative for your retargeted audience is key to engagement and conversions. This function allows you to decide which creative ads to showcase to your retargeted users, ensuring the ad's relevance and appeal. Whether it's a specific product image, a compelling call-to-action, or an engaging headline, the choice is yours. By tailoring the creative elements to the audience's previous interactions, you can ensure that your ads resonate, drive engagement, and ultimately, lead to higher conversions.

Frequency Management

Having control over ad exposure is crucial in any remarketing strategy, and that's where Frequency Management comes into play. This feature enables you to dictate how often a retargeted user sees your ads, preventing ad fatigue and optimizing user experience. With controlled exposure, you're able to maintain your brand's relevance without overwhelming your audience, leading to improved campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

Universal Pixel

The Universal Pixel feature significantly simplifies audience segmentation. By integrating a single pixel, you can automatically collect and organize your first-party data into custom audiences. This functionality allows you to segment your users based on the actions they've taken on your website, honing in on those who've engaged in high-value interactions. The power to customize your audiences based on specific behaviors amplifies your targeting precision and maximizes your retargeting efforts.

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