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Embrace the ease and simplicity of a SaaS pricing model with our No Minimum Self Serve DSP. ad:personam's platform is designed with flexibility and user-friendliness at its core, ensuring you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

ad:personam no minimum self serve dsp for small business and agencies
Self Serve DSP Programmatic Advertising Platform

No Minimum Self Serve DSP​

Dive into the world of programmatic advertising with confidence and ease, as there's no minimum commitment on our platform. Our premium technology is readily accessible to give your small business the power to compete like a major industry player.

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Try ad:personam's Self Serve Programmatic Advertising DSP for free and gain access to a range of features. With no expiration date on our free plan, take the time to explore and get comfortable with our platform. When you're ready to launch your campaigns, simply upgrade to one of our plans to go live with your advertising. No minimum Self Serve DSP

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Setup your own advertisers and get started today

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Upload and manage your creative ads easily

Universal Pixel

Track your website visitors and create powerful remarketing audiences

Custom Domains List

Create a customised list of domains for your campaigns

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Make ad:personam your choice partner in propelling your brand's growth through smart, efficient programmatic advertising.

All plans include​

Experience Precision Targeting, Enhanced Engagement, and Data-Driven Insights with ad:personam DSP

Reporting Dashboards

ad:personam Data Studio helps you analyze your data by displaying your information in charts and graphs, allowing you to optimize campaigns and track which ads are performing well and influencing positive action.

Ad Serving

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and gain a single source for advanced reporting data. Avoid paying ad serving fees to multiple parties and leverage Xandr creative standards to ensure the quality and consistency of your creatives


With ad:personam's Xandr DSP integration you gain access to a network of third-party providers, opening up a wealth of high-quality audience and contextual segments for your brand's outreach.

Creative Ads

Seamlessly manage your creative ads right on our platform. We provide a comprehensive solution for handling various types of assets. Whether you're working with static images, HTML5 for interactive engagement, video or audio files for an immersive brand experience, you can upload all of these right here.

Universal Pixel

A single pixel to automatically organize your first party data into custom audiences. Segment your users based on the action taken, and narrow down to those taking specific actions that are high value for your business.

Live Support

We offer complimentary media planning sessions to kickstart your journey, and we tailor the setup to perfectly align with your unique requirements. Furthermore, we provide continuous support to ensure your campaigns operate flawlessly and efficiently.

Boost Your ROI with ad:personam's No Minimum Self Serve DSP Advertising Platform

Experience Precision Targeting, Enhanced Engagement, and Data-Driven Insights with ad:personam DSP

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