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Enhance your ad campaigns with access to top-tier publishers and premium sites. With ad:personam, you can reach high-quality audiences leveraging our partnerships with leading global and local supply sources.

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Curated Deals

Access high-quality advertising environments with our curated deals. Pre-negotiated PMPs with select suppliers, these deals offer premium inventory slots at competitive rates, ensuring your campaigns are positioned for success.

Brand Safety

Safeguard your brand with our industry-leading brand safety measures. We integrate default safety segments from trusted partners like IAS and DoubleVerify to filter out low-quality or inappropriate sites. Ensure your ads appear only in environments that reflect your brand's values.


Maximize the authenticity and reliability of your ad placements with ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers). By employing ads.txt-compliant inventory, we significantly reduce the risk of ad fraud and enhance your campaign's effectiveness.

Domains Query

Easily create targeted domain lists with our Domains List Generator. Specify criteria across country, media type, and site category to generate a curated list that suits your campaign needs perfectly.

Domains List

Take control of where your ads appear with our Domains List feature. Upload customized allow/blocklists of domains to target the right websites, increase relevance, and reduce wasted spend.

SPO (Supply Path Optimization)

Ensure your advertising dollars are used most effectively with our Supply Path Optimization feature. By targeting the most transparent and effective supply paths, you reduce waste and increase campaign performance.

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