Creative Guidelines and Specifications

Creative guidelines and specifications refer to the standards and requirements that govern the creation, design, and technical aspects of ads displayed on various platforms. These guidelines are essential to ensure that ads are of high quality, visually appealing, and meet the standards of both the platform and the audience.

ad:personam follows specific creative guidelines and specifications to maintain consistency and quality across all ads uploaded to its platform. These guidelines include requirements for ad dimensions, file format, file size, and other technical details. By adhering to these guidelines, ad:personam can ensure that all creatives are optimized for performance and effectively reach the desired audience.

Moreover, ad:personam also enforces strict policies on the content of ads to ensure that they comply with legal and ethical standards. These policies prohibit the use of false or misleading information, inappropriate or offensive content, and any content that violates the intellectual property rights of others. ad:personam’s policies are designed to protect the reputation of the platform, maintain user trust, and ensure that all ads on its platform are of high quality and appropriate for the intended audience.


Your uploaded Creatives are Hosted with Xandr. The Xandr platform functions as a full-service ad server built specifically for the real-time advertising business; hosting your creatives lets you take full advantage of this technology. In addition, you gain a single source for advanced reporting data, avoid paying ad serving fees to multiple parties, and can rely on the Xandr creative standards and auditing to ensure the quality and consistency of your creatives

Content requirements

The following content in ads is prohibited: 

  • Tobacco, weapons, nudity, defamatory/hate content, illegal activities, profanities, or spyware.

  • Offers of free gifts, links to quizzes and surveys, misleading claims, and references to sex or sexuality.

  • Language: the language of the landing page must match the language of the creative. For example, if the creative is in Spanish, the landing page must also be in Spanish.

  • Offer category: audited creatives will be assigned a brand category based on the content of the landing page.

  • Sensitive Categories: creatives that contain content or offers not prohibited but potentially sensitive for some sellers will be flagged and categorized.

  • Each creative must have a single discernible brand or product offering associated with it. Multiple brands combined to make a single offer will be accepted.

  • Creatives may not rotate brands.

  • Brands must be on the Xandr brands list (we will add brands as needed).

Creative Auditing

Creatives must pass through the creative auditing process to run on Xandr real-time inventory.
All aggregators, including Microsoft, require creatives to be audited by the Xandr team prior to running on their inventory. All creatives added to the Xandr platform undergo human auditing by a member of our Audit team, except for GDN images, in which we rely on Google’s policies and review processes.

Creative Auditing Timeline : Creatives are audited once the campaign is activated with a target completion time of one business day from the activation. 

Creative Standards

Platform Policies

ad:personam follows Xandr’s foundational policies that all creative and inventory content must follow. Creatives that violate these policies will be removed from the platform, and will be ineligible for both RTB and in-network buying. Repeated violation of these policies may result in strikes against offending members.

Guidelines for display creatives

This topic contains recommendations as well as a small number of technical requirements imposed on creatives by the Xandr Platform.
Follow these recommendations when building creatives of any type:

Technical requirements​

  • Duration of animated ads must be 30 seconds or less.

  • Ads must open in a new tab or new window only.

  • Avoid auto-initiated audio; it’s frequently blocked by publishers.

  • The ad must successfully deliver the user to an acceptable landing page in a separate browser tab upon click interaction.

  • The actual dimensions of the ad content must match the dimensions configured for the creative.

  • Creatives may not use LSOs (local shared objects). In other words, ad creatives hosted by Xandr or trafficked through the Xandr platform may not set Flash cookies or other LSOs for online behavioral advertising, ad delivery and reporting, or multi-site advertising. Prohibited uses include but are not limited to storing user IDs, interest segments, user browsing history, or other unique user data. LSOs include flash cookies, browser helper objects, and HTML5 localStorage.

  • Creatives may not set, read, write, modify or delete any cookie on an Xandr owned or operated domain.

Supported file types

  • static images (jpeg, jpg) or .gif files

    • max 150kb​

  • .zip file (for HMTL5)

    • max 10mb​

Creative Landing Pages

  • The landing page must open in a new tab or window, and may not navigate away from the publisher’s page.

  • The landing page must match the language, brand, and offer of the creative.

  • Landing pages must otherwise meet Xandr content standards.


  • Clicking on an ad must not initiate a download of any type of file

  • Landing pages must meet Xandr standards 

Specifications for Video Creatives

  • Max Video File Size: 10MB

  • Minimum Bit Rate: 2500kbps

  • Minimum Size: 1280x720px

Recommended CTV Video Creative Specifications

  • Max Video File Size: 10MB

  • Minimum Bit Rate: 2000 kbps

  • Minimum Resolution: 1280×720 (sometimes notated as 720p)

  • Duration: 15 or 30 seconds​

Audio Creative Guidelines and Specifications

To serve on the Xandr platform and other third-party platforms, all audio creatives must adhere to the guidelines and specifications listed here, our creative standards, and any other guidelines that may apply.

Adhere to these guidelines and specifications when creating audio creatives:

Adhere to these guidelines and specifications when creating audio creatives:

  • Max Video File Size: 10MB

  • Media Type: MP3

If your audio creative will serve on Pandora / AdsWizz &  Spotify it must adhere to the following format requirements : 

Pandora / AdsWizz

  • File type: MP3, AAC, WAV

  • File size: Maximum 20MB

  • Bit rate: Minimum 128 kbps, 196kbs recommended

  • Ad length: 15, 30, or 60 seconds


  • File type: MP3, WAV or OGG

  • Companion Banner: 640×640 or 300×250

  • Bit rate: Minimum 128 kbps

  • Ad length: 15 or 30 seconds

This document is incorporated by reference into the General Terms & Conditions of that can be found here: which covers the following chapters applicable to this document and ad:personam applications and website in general