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Harnessing the Power of Connected TV DSP for Your Business

Unleash the potential of Connected TV with ad:personam’s DSP. Our latest blog dives deep into the revolution of CTV in programmatic advertising, offering businesses strategies to target their audiences effectively. Learn about CTV’s rise, its edge over linear TV, and how you can integrate it into your media mix with ad:personam. Step into the future of advertising today! … Read More

Self Service Audience Targeting: Maximising Ad Campaign Performance

Maximize ad campaign performance with self-service audience targeting. Discover ad:personam’s comprehensive solutions for precise targeting based on demographics, interests, and B2B attributes. Supercharge your ad campaigns and reach engaged audiences. Request a demo now. … Read More

What is a Self Serve DSP? A Comprehensive Guide for SMBs and Small Agencies

What is a Self Serve DSP?

A self-serve demand-side platform (DSP) is a programmatic advertising tool that lets advertisers manage their ad campaigns in-house, without relying on a third-party ad agency. Learn how to use self-serve DSPs to optimize your ad buying process. … Read More