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Audience Targeting Solutions

Fast and Easy Access to Relevant Targeting Audience.

With our ad:personam toolkit, we’ll help you to find the perfect audience for your campaign. Together with our 3rd-party providers, we offer a variety of high-quality target groups like demographic and sociographic, or interest and B2B.

Data-Driven Advertising

What is Audience Targeting

Audience targeting, in the context of programmatic advertising, is a powerful strategy that leverages data and technology to deliver personalized messages to specific groups of individuals. With the help of third-party data providers, who analyze user data such as browsing history, online behaviors, and preferences, detailed audience profiles can be created. These profiles capture valuable insights about users, enabling advertisers to target their campaigns with precision. By tailoring their ads to the interests, demographics, and behaviors of specific audiences, advertisers can maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns. Audience targeting allows advertisers to connect with the right people, at the right time, with the right message, leading to higher engagement, conversions, and overall campaign success in the dynamic landscape of programmatic advertising.

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Benefits of Audience Targeting

Enable Data-Driven Targeting for Unparalleled Precision, Engagement, and Results

Tailored Messaging

Audience targeting enables advertisers to deliver highly relevant and personalized messages to their target audience. With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP, advertisers can customize their ad content to align with the interests and preferences of specific audience segments. This level of relevance ensures that ads resonate with viewers, creating stronger connections and driving better campaign results.

Precision Engagement

It allows advertisers to reach their desired audience with precision. By leveraging data-driven insights, ad:personam's Self Serve DSP enables advertisers to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This targeted approach ensures that ads are delivered to the most relevant audience, maximizing engagement and increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Driving Actions

It allows advertisers to focus their efforts on individuals who are more likely to convert. With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP, advertisers can identify and target specific audience segments that have shown a higher propensity for conversion. By tailoring messaging and optimizing targeting, advertisers can drive higher conversion rates and achieve their campaign goals effectively.

Actionable Analytics

Provides valuable data-driven insights that help advertisers understand their audience better. With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP, advertisers gain access to comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, enabling them to track campaign performance, measure engagement, and derive actionable insights. These insights help refine targeting strategies, optimize campaigns in real-time, and make informed data-driven decisions for future advertising endeavors.

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Unlock the full potential of audience targeting with ad:personam's Self Serve DSP Audience Smart Template. Our innovative template empowers advertisers to tap into an extensive network of third-party providers, including Semasio, Eyeota, Oracle, and many more. Seamlessly integrating their data, our Smart Template allows advertisers to target audiences with unmatched precision based on demographics, interests, and valuable B2B attributes. With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP Audience Smart Template, you can supercharge your audience targeting capabilities and unleash the full power of programmatic advertising.

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Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Advertising with Seamless Xandr DSP Integration​

ad:personam's targeting features empower your programmatic advertising campaigns with precise audience targeting.

Behavioral Targeting

With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP, advertisers can take advantage of advanced behavioral targeting. This feature allows advertisers to target users based on their online behaviors, such as past purchase history, browsing patterns, and more. These behavioral signals enable advertisers to deliver ads to users who exhibit specific behaviors that align with their targeting criteria.

Interest Based

ad:personam's Self Serve DSP provides powerful interest-based targeting options. Advertisers can leverage this feature to reach users who have shown specific interests or preferences relevant to their products or services. ad:personam enables advertisers to identify and target individuals who are more likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

B2B Targeting

Powerful B2B targeting capabilities to help businesses reach their desired audience in the B2B sector. Advertisers can target specific industries, job titles, company sizes, and other relevant B2B attributes. By focusing their ads on decision-makers, professionals, and companies that align with their products or services, advertisers can effectively engage with their target B2B audience.

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