Advertiser Policy for Users

As a buyer on the Microsoft Advertising Platform, ad:personam is bound by the following Advertiser Policy, which apply to every user of the application.

Generally Applicable Content Prohibitions

Dangerous hate speech : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to dangerous hate speech. Dangerous hate speech includes any gesture, conduct, writing, or display, including but not limited to anything that is intended to incite violence, intimidation, or a discriminatory response against a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected individual or a protected group by race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or other characteristics.

Pornography : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to pornography, nudity, obscenity, and other “adult” content

Malware : Content that contains, installs, links to, or prompts the download of any malware.

Piracy : contains hosted content that is clearly and predominantly material that is likely to infringe or misappropriate a copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent of another party; or  clearly induces infringement or misappropriation of a copyright, trademark, trade secret or patent of another party.

Weapons : Content featuring the sale of or instructions to create bombs, guns, ammunition, or other weapons.

Violence : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to violent content.

Defamation : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to defamatory content.

Illegal drugs : Content featuring the sale of drugs, pharmaceuticals, or drug paraphernalia that is illegal.

Auto-downloads : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to any files that execute or download without intentional user interaction.

Auto-redirect : Content that automatically redirects to other sites or apps.

Government forms or services : Content that depicts, contains, or provides access to offers that charge for government forms or services that are available for a lesser charge or free from the government.

Illegal : Content Microsoft Advertising & ad:personam reasonably believes is likely to be in violation of any applicable law, regulation, or court order.

Morally reprehensible : Content that Microsoft Advertising & ad:personam reasonably deems to be (a) morally reprehensible or patently offensive, and (b) without redeeming social value.

Inadequate privacy notice or consent : Content that does not provide notice and information or does not obtain necessary user consent for data collection and use or for material functionality of a site or software through which ads are delivered, or through which data are collected for subsequent use, in each case in accordance with applicable law.

Interferes with navigation : Content that causes interference with user navigation (e.g. preventing a user from leaving a page, by popping dialogs, pop-ups, new windows, etc.).

Interferes with other ads : Content that obscures, replaces, modifies, or otherwise interferes with another party’s ads or ad inventory.

Unusual CTR : Content with an unusually high click through rate, or content that automatically generates clicks on ad units.

Deceptive Content : Content that intends to, or does, induce user action through misleading appearance or behavior, including, but not limited to, creatives that mimic video players, functional buttons, errors or warnings about viruses, missing codecs, and corrupt disks.

Content Allowed But Restricted

Gambling : Microsoft Advertising allows gambling content, but with geographic and other restrictions. In general, Buyers are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations. See the full Gambling Policy below.

Risqué : Microsoft Advertising will not allow pornographic or obscene content (inventory, ads, and landing pages) to be bought or sold over the Microsoft Advertising platform, under any circumstances.

Downloads : For ads that promote, and directly or indirectly link to sites that contain software, the software must:

  • Not contain malware;
  • Provide the user with clear and conspicuous notice about all material functionality;
  • Obtain informed consent from the user prior to download or installation;
  • Provide an easy–to-use uninstall to the user; and
  • Allow the user to maintain control over his or her computing environment.

Political Advertising : Microsoft Advertising allows political advertising, subject to Microsoft Advertising’s receipt of certain information about the advertising and its buyers, and the inclusion of any disclaimers required by applicable law or Microsoft Advertising policy. In addition, Microsoft Advertising prohibits placing political advertising in respect of elections in a country in which the buyer (or the party on whose behalf the advertising is being purchased) is foreign. Buyers are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Prohibited Buy-Side Practices

Interfere with the page : Ad creatives that display outside the designated space for the ad unit, e.g. in floating layers, are not permitted.

Lack functioning click or conversion tracking on CPC or CPA campaigns : All creatives purchasing on a CPC or CPA must have properly functioning click or conversion tracking, respectively.

Illegal or harmful : Content or practices not otherwise addressed in these policies that may violate any law, rule, or regulation, or may otherwise be harmful to Microsoft Advertising or a third party.

Gambling Policy

Gambling is susceptible to many definitions throughout the world, and generally refers to risking something of value upon an uncertain outcome in the hopes of receiving something of value beyond the amount placed at risk. It usually, but not always, involves at least some element of chance.

Gambling may include activities commonly referred to as gaming, wagering, betting, and bookmaking. It also may include activities involving casinos, games of chance, lotteries, raffles, sweepstakes, and penny auctions.

Microsoft Advertising does not apply a singular definition to gambling. Rather, as explained below, gambling may include any number of activities promoted in ads. Microsoft Advertising reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to amend or expand the activities that it deems to be gambling.

For purposes of this policy, “gambling ad” means the following:

  • Any type of advertisement that promotes, directly or indirectly, online (internet and mobile) and offline (land-based or “bricks and mortar” casinos, betting shops, card rooms or other gambling establishments) gambling, gaming, betting or wagering of any kind, whether for cash prizes or other things of value, including but not limited to casino games, poker, sports betting (whether individual or parlay wagering), pari-mutuel wagering or “betting pools” (including horse racing, dog racing, and jai alai), lotteries, raffles, sweepstakes, penny auctions, and fantasy sports.
  • Any type of advertisement that otherwise relates in any way to the foregoing activities, including advertisements for promotional products, services or materials, including education, “learn to play,” “practice” and other free simulation sites affiliated with online or offline gambling or wagering sites or facilities.

Prohibited Countries

Notwithstanding any other provision in this policy, Microsoft Advertising prohibits gambling ads of any kind targeted to serve in the following countries through the Microsoft Advertising platform:

  • China
  • Egypt
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates

Restrictions on Gambling Ads

Subject to the preceding prohibitions, Microsoft Advertising generally permits gambling ads to be targeted to serve in jurisdictions where such ads are not prohibited so long as Microsoft Advertising clients, on behalf of themselves and the advertisers whose ads they are trafficking, comply with the following requirements:

  • The ad complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in any jurisdiction where the client’s ad targets to serve.
  • The buyer and the advertiser currently hold all required licenses, permits, registrations, waivers, consents or other governmental approvals (collectively, “licenses”) to operate in the jurisdictions in which the ad is served and in any other jurisdictions in which you and the advertiser operate.
  • The buyer and the advertiser are in compliance and agree to remain in compliance with all applicable laws and the terms of all applicable licenses.
  • The buyer and the advertiser agree not to serve gambling ads targeted to serve in any jurisdiction specifically prohibited by this policy, as such may be updated from time to time.
  • The buyer is approved by Microsoft Advertising to serve gambling ads.
  • The buyer acknowledges that approval does not guarantee that ads can be served. Microsoft Advertising reserves the right to conduct appropriate due diligence on the buyer and/or the advertiser and, in its sole and absolute discretion, may prohibit any ad from serving for any reason whatsoever.

To “target ads to serve in a country” or “jurisdiction” means to target advertising based on the geographic location of an Internet user (according to the IP address associated with the requesting browser, as determined by Microsoft Advertising).

Government-Sponsored Lotteries

Advertising for government-sponsored lotteries is permitted, so long as the ads comply with the following requirements:

  • The advertiser is a government entity or agency, such as a state, provincial or national lottery commission or authority, or a licensee or agent contractually authorized to operate or advertise lottery games on behalf of a government entity.
  • The lottery ads must only target the jurisdiction that controls the lottery commission or authority, or in which the government-sponsored lottery is authorized.
  • The lottery ads otherwise comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations.

Additional Information

Microsoft Advertising may change this policy from time to time, including by revising the list of Prohibited Countries above, as well as the types of ads subject to this policy. For additional information please contact

This document is incorporated by reference into the General Terms & Conditions of that can be found here which covers the following chapters applicable to this document and ad:personam applications and website in general