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Bringing the Power of Programmatic Advertising to Small Businesses.

ad:personam is a marketing software company that offers a Self Serve Programmatic Advertising DSP specifically designed for Small Business. Our goal is to bring the efficiency and accuracy of programmatic advertising to small and medium-sized businesses, giving them access to advertising options that were once only available to businesses with larger budgets.

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Our values

Breaking barriers

Democratizing access to programmatic advertising technology


Providing transparency in all aspects of our business


Empowering small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their advertising goals


Delivering innovative solutions to bridge gaps in the industry


Offering affordable advertising solutions without sacrificing quality.

Customer focus

Providing exceptional customer support at every stage

Our approach

Results oriented

At ad:personam, we provide small and medium-sized businesses with premium advertising technology previously reserved for larger companies. Our results-driven approach bridges the gaps between strategy, product, and data for maximum results. We also offer exceptional customer support throughout the entire process, from onboarding to campaign optimization.

Our mission

Programmatic Advertising DSP for Small Business

As a small business, it can be difficult to navigate the world of programmatic advertising without the resources or expertise of larger companies. However, with ad:personam's Programmatic Advertising DSP for Small Business, it's now easier than ever get started. With access to premium technology and a user-friendly interface, small businesses can target specific audiences and optimize their campaigns in real-time, just like the big players in the industry. Plus, with flexible pricing options and excellent customer support, ad:personam's platform is a great choice for businesses looking to grow their brand through programmatic advertising.

The Programmatic Advertising DSP trusted by Small Business, Start-Ups and Media Agencies​​

ad:personam platform provides a level playing field for all advertisers, offering easy access to premium technology regardless of their size.

When I discovered ad.personam through a Google Ads advertisement, I thought it was the most suitable tool for an independent reality like ours, which has historically focused on performance. When we were asked to do programmatic advertising, we needed to work with an accredited partner, which often required significant investments. However, with your service, I think it's an excellent solution for solid agencies that aspire to meet the planning needs of their clients.

Matteo Doveri​
Chief Marketing Officer at HT&T Consulting​

Ciro, the founder of ad:personam, has a wealth of experience in the programmatic advertising industry, with over 10 years of helping businesses succeed through data-driven solutions. With a proven track record in product development, business strategy, and distributed technologies, Ciro has a deep understanding of how to bridge the gaps between strategy, product, and data to ensure maximum results for his clients.Having been one of the first few employees at MiQ, Ciro gained extensive experience working with a startup, where he contributed in many ways, including promoting innovative strategies as a Programmatic Trader, establishing a significant presence in Germany, and developing a go-to-market strategy for the Chinese market.Driven by his passion for startup and product development, Ciro launched ad:personam to help businesses and individuals access programmatic technologies and revolutionize the way they manage their advertising budgets. He is committed to democratizing access to programmatic advertising and empowering businesses of all sizes to achieve their advertising goals through affordable, quality solutions.

Ciro Scognamiglio Founder of Programmatic Advertising DSP for Small Business ad:personam GmbH

Ciro Scognamiglio

CEO & Founder

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