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Self Serve Display Advertising Platform

Enjoy Rich Ad Formats and Widespread Inventory Reach with Our Display Advertising Platform

Elevate Your Display Ads with Contextual, Audience-Centric, and Retargeting Campaigns. Embrace rich ad formats and tap into a widespread inventory reach for amplified control and influence

Tailored Campaigns for Targeted Results

With ad:personam's Self Serve DSP, take your display advertising to the next level. Our platform empowers you to run contextual, audience-specific, and retargeting campaigns with ease. By delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time, you'll see more engagement, increased conversions, and higher return on investment.

Rich Ad Formats for a Dynamic Display Experience

Diversify your ad presentation with our rich format support. ad:personam Self Serve DSP supports various ad formats including HTML5, static images, and GIFs, providing you with the flexibility to create engaging and visually appealing display ads. This variety ensures that your ads capture attention, create lasting impressions, and drive user interaction.

Premium Inventory Access for Optimal Ad Placement

Expand your reach effortlessly with ad:personam Self Serve DSP. Thanks to our integration with Microsoft Xandr DSP, you gain access to a wide array of premium inventory options. This means your display ads get prime visibility on high-traffic websites and networks, increasing the potential for audience engagement and ad performance.

Programmatic Advertising Platform

What is Display Advertising

Display advertising is a key branch of online marketing that encompasses a range of visually appealing ad formats, including banner ads and rich media. Banner ads are often rectangular graphics that appear in predetermined spaces on websites, while rich media ads offer interactive elements like images and animations to engage viewers and encourage them to interact with the content. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising leverages these eye-catching, creative visuals to capture the attention of users, convey brand messaging, and promote products or services. Display ads can be found on websites, apps, and social media platforms, offering businesses a vast canvas for reaching their target audience. With advanced targeting capabilities, these ads can be served to specific audience segments based on factors like demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision, coupled with the power of rich visual content, makes display advertising an essential component of any robust digital marketing strategy.

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Benefits of a Display Advertising

Maximize Your Online Advertising Impact with Display Ads: Targeting Precision, Creative Freedom, and Measurable Success

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Display ads, with their visual appeal, can effectively capture user attention and contribute significantly to brand awareness. By consistently showing your ads to your target audience, you can ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of their minds, increasing the likelihood of conversion in the future.

Retargeting Capabilities

Display ads excel in retargeting strategies. If a user has visited your website without making a purchase, retargeting with display ads can remind them of your products or services, encouraging them to revisit and potentially convert.

Creative Flexibility

Display ads offer the flexibility to be creative and engaging with rich media formats. Whether you're using banner ads or interactive HTML5 designs, you can convey your message in a way that aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience.

Broad Reach

With display ads, you have the potential to reach a vast audience across the internet. Whether your target audience is browsing their favorite websites, checking their emails, or engaging on social media, your ads can appear where your potential customers are most likely to see them.

Boost Your ROI with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform

Experience Precision Targeting, Enhanced Engagement, and Data-Driven Insights with ad:personam DSP

smart template

The power of context is pivotal in display advertising, and ad:personam Self Serve DSP understands this. We've built a unique contextual category within our smart templates. This category has three distinct templates to enhance your ad campaigns. Our 'Contextual Targeting' template employs real-time content targeting. It uses selected topics from Peer39 and Eyeota's cookieless segments. The 'Content Categories' template classifies website domains using International Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards. This ensures accurate ad campaign targeting. Our 'Weather Advertising' template is another powerful tool. It allows ad displays based on specific weather conditions. These tools combine to create display campaigns that truly connect with your audience. The result is heightened engagement and improved campaign results.

display advertising platform for contextual targeting
display advertising platform for audience targeting

Harness the power of precise audience targeting with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform's Audience Smart Template. This ingenious feature enables advertisers to access a broad network of third-party providers like Semasio, Eyeota, Oracle, and others. By integrating their data, our Audience Smart Template facilitates granular audience targeting based on demographics, interests, and essential B2B attributes. Utilize ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform's Audience Smart Template to amplify your audience targeting strategies and fully realize the benefits of programmatic advertising


Experience ease and efficiency in crafting retargeting campaigns with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform's Smart Template feature. This feature offers a streamlined process for designing effective retargeting campaigns tailored to your needs. The Smart Template lets you quickly establish your targeting parameters, including a powerful capability to form remarketing audiences based on URL parameters. This allows for precision targeting of users who engaged with certain parts of your website, making your ads highly relevant. By focusing on users already interested in your brand, the Smart Template increases your potential for driving conversions and enhancing campaign performance.

display advertising platform for retargeting display ads

Optimized Targeting Capabilities for Enhanced Campaign Results with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform

Power Up Your Ad Campaigns with ad:personam's display advertising Tools

Brand Safety

In the expansive realm of display advertising, brand safety is paramount, and ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform is equipped to guard it. We employ DoubleVerify and Peer39's brand safety segments to ensure your ads land only on premium, brand-aligned websites. This feature goes beyond just enhancing the reach of your ads; it acts as a shield, preventing your ads from appearing on inappropriate sites that might harm your brand reputation. With ad:personam, you can craft impactful display campaigns, confident in the protection of your brand's integrity

Hosted Ad serving

Streamline and make your advertising process cost-efficient with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform's Hosted Ad Serving feature. This intuitive feature enables you to upload and distribute your display ads directly from our platform, bringing together your ad serving process into a single, efficient hub. No longer worry about paying ad serving fees to multiple providers; with ad:personam, you get a simplified, economical advertising experience.

Creatives Ad Management

Elevate your display advertising with ad:personam's Self Serve Display Advertising Platform's versatile ad upload feature. This functionality supports a variety of formats, including HTML5 ads, static images, and GIFs. Simply upload your creative assets directly to our platform and start building visually engaging campaigns. Whether you're looking to entertain with a dynamic GIF, captivate with an immersive HTML5 ad, or appeal with a sleek static image, ad:personam makes it easy to bring your creative vision to life

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